UK Greetings Cards

We took up the task of creating a new collection of cards, wrapping paper, notepads and other stationery for UK Greetings Cards.


UK Greetings Cards are the UKs biggest supplier of greetigns cards, stationery and other items such as notepads & notebooks. In 2021 they released a plea to designers across the country to help them come up with a new set of stationery that would appeal to the younger audience.

Naturally we took on the challenge! Our idea blends a mixture of sci-fi and vintage! Esentially we took 1950’s America (Think Roswell, Area51 etc.) and applied that style and vibe to our work. We created cartoon space characters, and created our own vintage erffect using what could be described as old style printing techniques. This effect creates a lovely rustic look, which paired with the natural colour of the packaging creates an amazing contrast — very eye catching!

To tie in with the older theme, we used a typeface for the logo and text that is reminiscent of an old typewriter! (You coudl imagine this font being used on a UFO sighting report!).