The Alpha & The Omega

With a focus on distant galaxies and the Greek alphabet, this album artwork was a project that really encouraged critical thinking and experimentation.


Creating artwork for music is always a fun experience, music and art go hand in hand in many different ways, and music artwork for albums and singles is something that brings them both together in the closest form.

Dallis Jelani approached us as he was planning to release a new album in the forthcoming months, so he needed some artwork, fast! Dallis wanted an artwork for a single from the album, as well as the album artwork itself. Dallis wanted something that represented the name of the album, The Alpha & The Omega. Dallis also was interested in the idea of space, the cosmos and galaxies — this gave us a good starting point to work from.

We experimented with plenty of different ideas and styles as seen in the gallery below, each one using different colour schemes and types of galaxies. We implemented Dallis’ idea of the Greek Alphabet in various ways, sometimes subtle and sometimes at the forefront.

In the end we settled for the first image in the gallery, of the arch. Dallis loved this idea and really liked the depth that the exploding galaxy from the archway produced.

We then proceeded with the single Delta artwork, which Dalis wanted to follow in the same theme of the galaxy, but with a human twist. We created the composition below, of the human hands holding the galaxy in it’s hands, which could be interpreted as quite poignant in the time we live in, what with the fate of the world being in our own hands.