Skip Beatz & JUMP X

Logo Creation, printed items and bespoke trophies! Everything we create for Skip Beatz is always unique!


Pete from Skip Beatz approached us with a new idea that he had to get more kids skipping and exercising in schools up and down the country, he called it JUMP X. Pete wanted a new logo, some printed items, and numerous other items, once of which being some bespoke trophies to hand out to the schools and children that complete the most skips!

This logo for JUMP X needed to be bright, bold and appeal to a younger audience. We knew that Pete wanted to use the same colour scheme from his Skip Beatz brand, so we just had to do the rest! Making use of a very bold X was key to creating a logo that really stands out, there are also some subtle touches, such as the way the ‘JUMP’ is arranged so that it seems like the letters are literally jumping over the rope.

Utilising the unique style of the logo, we created some amazing trophies for Pete to hand out to the best skippers. These are made using hand cut wooden bases, clamps and reverse printed acrylic, shape cut to match the logo — they are definitely unique!

We’ve also created some other really unique items for Pete, including boxes for his skipping ropes, which are on sale in multiple shops across the UK. These boxes focus on bright visuals, and eye-catching designs to draw the attention of potential customers.

Our favourite piece of work for Skip Beatz has to be the life-size cutout that we created, it has a built-in voice box, light-up eyes, and is weather-proof and self-standing!