Sculpt Beauty

Skin specialists Sculpt Beauty needed a brand, printed materials and a new website designed that represented their ethos and aesthetic.


This project for Sculpt Beauty involved a complete brand creation as they did not have a logo or any branding due to this being a new startup. Sculpt Beauty wanted something classic, yet clean — it needed to appeal to a broad audience and be related to the cosmetic industry. We created a monoline graphic of a woman’s body, which works well with the company name ‘Sculpt’. We paired this graphic with a Serif typeface with lovely curvatures that contrast well with the serifs.

For their website design, Sculpt Beauty wanted a minimal website, with a soft aesthetic that focused on clarity and easily communicating information such as treatments, services and offers. The use of the colour palette we created for Sculpt Beauty means that the site has eye-catching components, such as interactive buttons, drop-down menus and animations.

For their printed products, such as leaflets, booklets, loyalty cards, vouchers & signage we decided to use the brand style that we created for Sculpt Beauty. It focuses on soft tones, clear and concise text and subtle graphics highlighting certain keywords and titles.

We have also created some indoor signage for Sculpt Beauty, printed on clear 5mm Acrylic. These pieces make for really nice features in any indoor environment.