Maverick Racing

Maverick Racing approached us to create a new brand identity, together with a website to showcase their services


Maverick Racing is a fledgling company that approached us to create their brand identity, together with a website for their launch. 

Maverick Racing is a company that utilises its knowledge and connections to buy & train race horses. With this in mind, it was apt that the branding needed to reflect the horse aspect of the business. I decided to utilise this by creating an icon reminiscent of Pegasus, the mythological animal. The icon is paired with a very clean & professional typeface, with high legibility and excellent versatility.

We wanted to take this aesthetic across to the Maverick Racing website, opting for the use of a muted colour palette with hints of gold to give off that premium feel. We created this website with usability in mind, allowing easy navigation with subtle animations and small touches that create a smooth user experience.