Kraken Plumbing & Heating

Kraken Plumbing & Heating needed a new website to accompany their eye-catching, modern branding, setting them apart from other plumbers in the area.


Kraken Heating & Plumbing approached us in need of a website upgrade, they were initially using a Google site, which although functional, was far from pretty! Kraken has a distinct brand about them, which separates them from other plumbers in the area, and this was something that we were keen to bring to the website.

We created this website with the user in mind, ensuring that all of Kraken’s services, accreditations and reviews were at the forefront — allowing the viewer to quickly see that they are one of the leading plumbing companies in Bedford! Although functionality and legibility were paramount, we wanted to include some of Kraken’s character in the design. To achieve this we utilised clever highlighting of critical texts, a unique navigation menu, and a bright and bold colour scheme, this helps to accentuate certain aspects of the design and ties in well with Kraken’s branding.