CAMO Entertainment

Houston based CAMO Entertainment needed a new brand and website created to appeal to local artists and aspiring musicians.


CAMO Entertainment approached us with a dilemma. They were a brand new label, looking to get themselves on the scene and make an impression, however, they needed to start from scratch. We obliged. Starting off with the logo, the idea was to create something that was gritty, yet dynamic. The logo needed to be used across many mediums, so an interchangeable background was introduced, there are in total around 10 different custom backgrounds for the CAMO Entertainment logo, each with its own use.

Fast forward many many hours, and we proceeded to work on their label website, which needed to follow the same dynamic as the logo, bold, gritty and noticeable. We opted for a dark website build, with a focus on imagery and videos, showcasing the label artists’ work. Since this work, CAMO has used the logo across many different bits of merchandise, showcasing the logo’s ability to work on a variety of mediums.