Alex Goulding

14-Time Guinness World Record Holder Alex Goulding needed a brand new website that showcased not only his records, but also his Personal Training & Fitness sessions


Alex Goulding is a 14-time Guinness World Record holder, a personal trainer, and a fitness instructor. Alex approached Studio Nine Creative hoping to create a new website to expand his brand, online presence, and some small printed items.

With Alex’s website, we knew that he had a lot of content that needed to be uploaded, to accommodate this, we made sure that we created an easy-to-navigate menu and sitemap, allowing viewers to quickly get to where they want to be.

To achieve a cohesive look across the website and printed items, we utilised a red, black and white colour scheme, with a splash of gold added in to represent the Guinness World Records that Alex has! The website aims to convey information clearly, whilst adding a bit of character and explaining what Alex is about, both as a person and as a Personal Trainer.