Sometimes it's all so confusing...

We’ve all been there, you need something from an industry you aren’t familiar with, and you have questions but you don’t know where to start or who to ask! We understand… Even though we are just a small design studio from Bedford, we understand that sometimes people need a helping hand!

So if it’s a question about website design, or maybe something to do with our printing service, you might find the answer below, and if you don’t… drop us an email!

Still not sure?

Take a look at our reviews on Google, we have some of the best reviews for any design studio in Bedford!

A design studio is a studio that focuses on many different aspects of design, and not just one area!

Luckily, most design is done digitally! This means that we can create amazing work for people up and down the country!

Yes! We can create fully responsive E-Commerce websites. Giving you the possibility to sell your products online, take payments and keep check of stock amongst other things!

Once your website is completed, we will hand over full ownership to you. Upon this handover it will be your responsibility to make any recurring payments. We will talk you through this process and guide you along the way until you feel comfortable. We will remain as managers of your website, so that if any changes need to be made, we can swiftly help!

This varies on what you require on your website. For the most part though we try to get a ‘standard’ website finished in around 4 weeks.

It will. We create our websites to work across desktop pcs, tablets and mobiles — so it’ll look great at all sizes!

If you have access to your websites login or control panel, then yes, we can edit your current site.

We can if you want us too! We have the capability to create written content, and source high-quality images for your website if needed. However, if you have your own information or images you want to use on the website, we can also use those!

We print a wide range of items, ranging from small format prints such as business cards and flyers to large format signs. A full list of available printed products can be found on our printing service page.

Let's create some magic together 🪄